LeMFEB UI 60th Anniversary Event

Lembaga Management FEB Universitas Indonesia 60th Anniversary Event:


"Create an immersive VR content describing business process from one of the economic sectors in Indonesia."

Lembaga Management Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia (LM FEB UI) will soon commemorate its 60th anniversary as one of the most renowned research and consulting institution in Indonesia. To mark this special anniversary, LM FEB UI will continue to pursue its plan to expand in the digital ecosystem. Therefore, we hereby announce a competition for making a Virtual Reality content describing specific business process.

This event serves as an opportunity for visual animators and visual content creators to be rewarded for their most relevant and innovative content regarding an immersive representation of future business industry in Indonesia.


1st place : Iphone 14 Pro Max
2nd place : MacBook Air
3rd place : PlayStation 5

The competition will be held for 6 consecutive weeks from early December 2022 to late January 2023
(Submission deadline: 20 January 2023 at 23:59 GMT+7).

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Download documents:

General Guidelines VR Competition
Panduan Umum VR Competition
Surat Pernyataan Karya Cipta


Email: digitalcontent@lmfebui.com
Website LM FEB UI: lmfebui.com